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Bone Medical Ltd (Bone) is a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on breakthrough medicines for bone and joint disease, especially osteoporosis and arthritis.


Bone’s strategic goal is to become one of the leading global development-based companies changing the face of treatment for musculoskeletal disease


Bone Medical's Business Model

Bone’s business model combines a unique blend of proprietary formulation technology and new chemical entity discovery supported by a low-cost, virtual organizational strategy with global reach and a new US operating presence.

The Company's pipeline includes:

  • Three Phase II clinical-stage programs for novel, oral-delivery of two well-established, marketed peptides for osteoporosis and the treatment of arthritis pain
  • Four novel preclinical programs representing new classes of drug and pharmacologic mechanisms of action for the treatment of osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis

These product opportunities create a compelling, balanced portfolio that:

  • Combines relatively low-cost, low-risk late-stage candidates with earlier-stage potential breakthrough NCE's
  • Spreads risk and creates multiple "shots on goal"
  • Targets large and growing, multi-billion dollar therapeutic markets fueled by aging populations, significant burden of illness, and ongoing unmet medical need
  • Offers attractive potential for industry partnerships and growth in Company value

In pursuing the development of important new therapies for musculoskeletal disease, Bone is committed to sound corporate governance, high ethical and regulatory compliance standards, and building stockholder value by improving clinical outcomes and patient care.